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About me

My name is Aaron Antonio Aceves alvarez, I born in Ocotlan, Jalisco. Mexico. Actually I live in Ensenada, Baja California. Mexico. I'm an Zend PHP Certified Engineer, I obtain my certification on September 2015.

I'm the kind of people who enjoy coding and I think that's why I'm always involve into projects, some of them by my self and some others for GNU/Open source. I like... no, I love to read (Like is not enough to describe how much I enjoy reading) and learn new things, I considere my self has a person with love for the simple things. I'm a follower of the GNU and Linux wave.

I'm an active collaborator with GNU projects has Wikipedia among others. I enjoy taking challenges, I'm a self-learner and I'm always in the search of knowledge.

At this moment

Actually I'm working at Softtek, I play 2 roles, my main rol is Project Leader for 5 people and PHP Senior Developer. At the same time on my free time I like to work on personal projects has "Education in the Cloud" and "Medical Records Research Project".

Management Skills

Has a Project Leader for more than 7 years I had the opportunity to learn methodologies and tools to accomplish the goals and surpass the expectations:

  1. Project Leader: Has a Project Leader I have learn to manage teams up to 20 people and some of them on different locations accros several coutries.
  2. Scrum Master: More than 3 years has a Scrum Master for project up to 8 people
  3. CMMI Methodologie: During all my projects has a Project Leader I had achieve the CMMI Level 5 for each of them.
  4. Six Sigma: For six sigma I obtain the White Belt, Yellow Belt and Green Belt Internal Certification

In search for new challenges

I'm always looking for a new things to learn and new challenges, personal and professional. I feel when I achieve the goal or the failure I learn something new... Learn and share the knowledge are things that I enjoy. I always have in my mind, that achieve goals, surpass expectatives and learn from failures is what we know has evolution, everyday become in the best version of my self.


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